Friday, August 31, 2012

The Lifeguard Stand

During the summer we visit a local state park beach 1-3x's a week depending on Shaun's schedule and the weather. As summer winds down, and the tourist leave, the beach transforms from busy tourist dump to a serene wonderland. No tourist means no lifeguard. :) So we got to play on their stand.

The ramp is much harder to walk up and down then you would think.

Look at me and smile!

That's as good as it's going to get... 046

Future Lifeguard

Future Lifeguards

Going down...they always send the little one down first... 047

Ben the brave was next...I spy a plan hatching in Garrett's mind...

Garrett throws himself down...butt first...expecting to slide all the way to the bottom. But instead the little strips of texture stopped him. He didn't slide at all. He just went "thump" and then inched down on his butt as he was not about to let go of his brilliant plan. His butt must have hurt a bit, but he gets mad props for knowing there is an easier way to get down a steep incline.

It started to thunder and we saw storm clouds roll in about a mile away so we packed up and left our little slice of heaven behind.