Monday, November 21, 2011

Owl Chart

I based this chart on a pair of longies I knit & embellished for my son. I had lots of comments on the owl and figured it would be helpful to provide a chart for anyone who wishes to add an owl to their knit projects.

I changed the owl up a bit from my original. The original owl I threw together as I stitched but the look is still the same I think. :)

You will need three colors of yarn, either the same weight the garment was knit in, or one weight smaller.
One for the body of the owl, one for the eyes, one for the beak and feet. I am boring and have done two brown/white/orange owls so far.

A few tips:
  • I outline most of my double stitched designs with a chain stitch embroidery to clean up the look of them.
  • The point on the beak is achieved with chain stitch embroidery.
  • I just straight stitched on the feet and did not duplicate stitch they were more "feet" like.
  • Don't know how to duplicate stitch?? It's easy! Here's a tutorial: CLICK HERE
  • Don't know how to do a chain stitch outline?? It's also easy! Here's a tutorial for that:  CLICK HERE

Owl Chart

I'm in the process of adding an owl to a customer's longies and will update this post with a picture of it as soon as I get the beak and feet on her.

Here's the original free handed owl that I put on Declan's "Barn Owl" Longies.

My original project on Ravelry can be found here:

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Gabriele said...

Thanks a lot for this chart and the links for the tutorials on duplicate and chain stitch! I am a beginner in embroidering childrens' / knitted garments, so this really helps a lot :)