Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet Buddy!!

We received a package from the North Pole today.
It contained a scout Elf, and book about who he is and what he does. After a lengthy and heated discussion the boys named him Buddy. Vetoed were names that included Smiley, Riley, William, Robert, Cherry Bomb, Metallica, Sabbath, and Noel.

Ben and I were pulling for Smiley, but Buddy it is.

I went to the bathroom and came back to find an empty box. So I searched around and found the sneaky little Elf...he must have seen how naughty the boys were at dinner and wanted a closer viewing point for tomorrow.



If you are thinking Buddy is (albiet a bit creepy) cute and are interested in having your very own Scout Elf you can adopt one from your local Target or

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glongley said...

So cute! I love it and it's a good story..