Sunday, November 4, 2007

Snowflakes update

What a horrible weekend. Everything I tried to get done, didn't get done. I planned on cutting and pinning Friday, snapping and sewing on Saturday, and working on getting my measurements and pictures uploaded so that I could get the tester info up.

Friday Shaun was at a chimney fire most of the day. Saturday I cut and pinned everything only to have Shaun pull the chain out of the ceiling light so I couldn't snap or sew that evening.
Today I got everything snapped, started sewing and the day went downhill from there. My patience are at an all time low. Probably has something to do with the baby sitting on my sciatic nerve and the head cold I'm battling.

My machine wouldn't sew how I wanted it to. It ate my bamboo velour one too many times. I slipped and sewed a wing too close to the snaps so I couldn't turn and top stitch the diaper and then when I tried to top stitch the front of it so I could attach the front snaps...the machine again chewed through the bamboo velour inner yet again. What a mess. The diaper is totally unusable now. All the work for nothing.

I turned the machine off and asked Shaun to put it on top of my desk...before I threw it out the window. I still have a large and a small diaper ready to be sewn. I’m going to take a break and do those on Wednesday, Shaun’s next day off. All of my little boys are also battling a head cold with Ben being the sickest so we could use the rest.

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