Thursday, December 13, 2007


Walmart sucks. I hate going to that store. I hate that everything is cheaper there, but you have to wait in line forever to check out. I avoid that place if possible, but when you live in Maine, it's going to snow, your 8yo is without snow pants and every other place in town is sold out of anything under $50 you go there. They had a whole rack of $15 snow pants, but I had to deal with long lines, a squeaky hard to push cart, and a very unhappy 19 month old just to get them. Then someone "waited" for our parking spot. I'm a hugely pregnant woman, with a cart full of junk and 2 kids. It takes me 1/2 the day to get in the car, and that's when I hurry.

After trips like that to my least favorite store I often read this blog and feel better. It could have always been worse.

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