Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm 29!

I turned 29 on the 7th. We had a birthday cookout dinner at my parents on Sunday with cake and ice cream afterwards. I got lots of cash for clothes and some beautiful earrings from my Nana.

My mom took me out shopping yesterday and I spent every last penny of my birthday money. I got lots of new (smaller!!) shirts and two pair of shoes. We had lunch at the Wild Oats cafe. I had a slice of broccoli mushroom quiche and it was so filling and yummy.

And of course here's a couple pics from the past few days....
Ben and I

Garrett on Gramdma's kitchen table

A sleepy Garrett

Garrett in one of his new diapers

And my loving hubby (aka Super Dad) with all 4 boys



dane said...

happy birthday Mel!!

it sounds like it was great....gotta love shopping!!

I really like all the new photos....keep them coming.

love you-

Brooke said...

MEl yay for smaller shirts!! You deserve it all
You look FABULOUS!!
Happy Belated birthday

Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

Happy Birthday - you look fabulous!

mommato2boys said...

Sounds like a great day! You look great--and I bet it was wonderful buying new clothes!

BTW, the pics of your 5 guys are beautiful!