Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first hat.

This is not only the first hat I've ever knit but also the first pattern I've ever followed for knitting. Oh and the first time knitting icord and using double point kneedles in the round and switching kneedles. No wonder it took me from 7pm last night until 11:30pm to do 1/2 and several hours this morning to finish it. But I was determined and my hard work paid off. It's far from being perfect but I'm soo excited to have knit something my little guys can wear. It fits Ben the best but looks just as cute on the big boys. They of course all want one now. Well I won't ramble on any longer....you've GOT to see my first hat! *whoop whoop*

The proud knitter and new owner

My little model (Ben)

the other little model (Billy...gotta love the pose)

and THE hat

The pattern I used was great. Easy to follow along and simple enough for this beginner. I used the wrong sized kneedles all the way through but if I had the right size needles it would have turned out better. Here's a link to where I purchased the pattern, I highly recommend it...
Ky Baby Knits: Ear Cozy Hat Pattern

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