Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm out...and it's only the 7th.

Yep. I'm out of running for MOM OF THE YEAR and it's only January 7th.

It was lightly snowing this morning. Before Shaun left he peeked his head in the bedroom and said "School hasn't been cancelled yet!" so I rolled over and waited for my alarm to go off. The alarm went off...I fed the boys, got them ready for school, dressed them in all their snow gear and sent them on their way. It's not unusual for the bus to be late...especially since it was a late start day anyways. So time goes on...I have to get Garrett...feed him, tend to Ben and then there is a knock on the door.

Someone driving by was kind enough to tell them school was they came home.

Way to go mommy! *blush*

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