Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting Update

Ok, now that the baby is here I'm totally inspired and back knitting. I removed a few items form the list (Christmas themed longies....among other items) and updated everything I'm working on...or is sitting collecting dust. I'll be posting a store update as soon as I have my items complete for the first stocking.

Garrett's Stocking - 75% done ( I'm going to take this off the list next week)
Emerald Sheepy Sack for Finn - 100% done, just have to weave in the ends. I'm going to sell this on Bitty Fluff since we have more than enough wool in this size
Newborn Santa Hat - 95% done (I need to finish this up this week so I can get my needle back)
Spring Rainbow mittens for me -
50% done (ditto the santa hat...)
Selah Skirite -
100% done, just have to weave in the ends and do a drawstring
Selah soaker for Bitty Fluff - 5% done
Blanket for Shaun
Woodland Tale Longies for Finn
Woodland Tale longies for Garrett
Copper Patina longies Finn

For spring/summer....
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett
Rockland shorties for Garrett
Rockland shorties for Finn
Mosaic Moon Cestari Srappy shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring for Garrett? Finn??
Gueneviere for Garrett? Finn??

Selah Skirtie (small) - a few rows before I cast off

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