Sunday, March 7, 2010

Knitting Update - Week of 3/7

Got quite a bit of knitting done last week as well as some design work. I hope to be posting for testers for my new "Owl Love You Sack" later this week. The pattern will have a few different designs to it. Can't wait to get it published!!

This week I'm going on a soaker knitting binge. Love how quickly they knit up and more than that I love how well they fit/work on Finn. My goal is to get three soakers and the first Owl Love You Sack complete this week.

Surprise boyish soaker for drawing winner - done
Woodland in Spring Soaker for Finn - done
Owl Love You Sack - 45% done (my new design...will be unveiled next week)
Ellyll soaker for Bitty Fluff - 30% done
Gaia II soaker for Bitty Fluff - casting on tomorrow
Item for Fundraiser 1 - soaker casting on after Gaia II
Bunny Hat - casting on after Fundraiser 1 item
Laurel Love Cocoon - 10% done
Woodland in Spring Hat for Finn
Woodland Tale Sweater for Finn
Copper Patina Soaker Finn
Double Chocolate Lollipop Soaker for Finn
Guppy Longies for Finn
Blanket for Shaun

For spring/summer....
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett
Mosaic Moon Cestari Srappy shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring shorties for Finn

Finn in is Woodland In Spring Soaker...


Preview of the Surprise Soaker...

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