Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm trying to get back into the blogging groove. So much is going on it's hard to get on here to blog about it all but I'm making it a priority to try. This is such an exciting time in our lives and I really want to have this blog to look back on.

For was the last day of school for Logan and Billy. Logan is now an official 6th grader...Billy's a 2nd grader. They both had great report cards to share with us and each got an award at the end of the semester. Logan got the Strong Effort award...Billy the Care and Concern award.

My business is flourishing. I'm starting to get more custom orders then I can handle which is a nice change. Stocking at Bitty Fluff has also been going well. A huge thank you to my customers. And a special shout out to the repeat buyers. To see a familiar name in the "buyer" section makes my day.

Speaking of fourihing business...I'm starting to get serious with my wool dying adventure. I placed an order for tags so I can start selling my dyed wools.

Sadly this post was started 6/17....and I'm just now able to get back to finish it and post it.

I also will have another huge update hopefully soon. Gotta get a few pieces of paper filed first and then I can spill the beans.

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Joan said...

I love all your knits and have just been following your blog for the past months. I have started to try my hand at knitting the longies but haven't found the yarn that I like yet, love what you use. So I am excited to hear that you maybe able to solve my problem.