Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Logan made honor roll!

Logan made HONOR ROLL!!!

His first time ever. They only start getting real grades in 6th grade and he tried so hard last quarter but missed it by one C. He worked even harder this quarter and he did it. He peeked at his report card on the way home yesterday and walked in the door saying "I did it. I made honor roll." with tears of joy in his eyes.

I'm so proud of him! So incredibly proud. cry He is extremely smart but struggles with handwriting still...yet he works so hard. I wish I had his determination.
He inspires me to try harder.

Getting his Honor Roll certificate from the principal:

Too cool to smile

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Logan!! So proud of you. Kudos for Mom and Dad!! He is your son. Proud of you two as well.