Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All you need is love.

But is love all you need?

Yes. At times it is.

But I want to clarify.

Love is not all you need in many situations.

Loving someone is not enough.
Someone loving you...is not enough.

Love that hurts (physically/mentally)...is not enough.

Love that threatens physically or verbally (you/others)...is not enough.

Love that holds you back from being who you want to be...is not enough.

Love that makes you comfortable with being less then you should be...is not enough.

There are many many ways love is not all you need.

Love is all you need when you have a healthy, respectful relationship that brings joy to you and others around you.

Love is enough when you understand that you can't change someone, and that loving them is not going to change them.

A healthy love will get you through the toughest of situations.
An unhealthy love will just makes those tough situations tougher.

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