Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Homeschooling :: Day 1

We're summer homeschooling! Today was the first day and it went smoothly.
Logan (going into 7th this fall) was given the task of studying one of the fiber animals we saw at the fiber frolic and writing a one page typed paper about it.
Billy (going into 3rd this fall) was given a short story to read, Little Red Ridinghood. Then he did 20 subtraction flash cards as a refresher and a full page of handwriting which included 6 math problems.
Ben (going into Kindergarten) wrote three things about his dad which I wrote down and he copied the illustrated. He's doing his reading at bedtime.
Garrett (3yo) illustrated one of the pages we used to write things about Dad on. He used many colors.
Declan (1yo) took a nap.

Tomorrow Logan uses the information he found today to make a rough draft of his paper, Billy, Ben & Garrett will do exactly what they did today but tomorrow we're using Sand as a theme.

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glongley said...

sounds like a fun day at the Riley summer school. I what to come for lunch someday. lol