Saturday, July 30, 2011

Knitting Update 7/30/11

I stumbled upon one lonely skein of Beemer Knit's "Bananafish" yarn on Spots Corner and had to buy it (one of my favorite colorways EVER!!). So what can I do with one skein of gorgeous cestari??!! Stripe it with plain blue Cestari and make longies of course. These still need the ends woven in, a drawstring, and a good wash/blocking but the knitting part is done at least. They are SO incredibly adorable on Declan. These colors really suit him and his summer bleached out hair.


I like to work in an assembly line so I cast on a second pair of longies right away.
Mosaic Moon "Peacock" on aran bfl with trim I dyed, also on aran bfl

August is my last month "off" from working so I am making the most of it and trying to crank Declan's entire fall/winter wool stash out in the next few weeks. Then it's back to work and stocking at Bitty Fluff every two weeks and hopefully my own store/Etsy.

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Meg said...

Beautiful. I love colorway + solid stripe longies like that. A couple are planned for my 10-month-old's winter stash.