Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are they all yours?

I was asked in Walmart/Dunkin Donuts today "Are they all yours?" and I smiled and said "Yes!".

I really wish I would have come back with a better response though....like

- No, MidCoast was having a buy 3 get one free deal.
- I'm not sure, we're still working on DNA tests.
- No, I stole that one (pointing to Ben).
- I wish. I gather all the kids I can find and take them to Walmart with me for fun. Because taking 4 little boys shopping is a BLAST! (Can you smell the sarcasm????)

Thankfully the lady came back and redeemed herself with a "Good for you!!" and smile so I'll stop my ranting here and let it go.

I need a t-shit that say...
Yes, they're all mine.
Yes, they're ALL boys.
Yes, I'd love to have a girl next time.
Yes, we have a TV.
Yes, we *might* have another someday.
Yes, I realize that how busy I am makes me look tired and old...and no I don't care.


Brooke said...

Once I said I wanted a shirt that said
yes they are all mine
No they are no twins
YES I know what causes it and if I want to have more it is none ofyourdamn business.
madison was 5 at the time and I got the meanest comments.At Target one daythe check out lady and the bag lady were talking about me as if I were not there- Do you think they are all hers ect. So FINALLY they asked are they all yours and Madison said
YES we are all hers no the boys are not twins, yes she knows what causes it and if she wants to have more it is none of your damn business!!!
My kids hate it when ppl stare and make comments as if we are a freak show!!!

mommato2boys said...

I like some of your other responses..especially the one about stealing that one..haha
and I love your t-shirt ideas. I wish people would use their filters a little more often. People are so thoughtless at times..yeesh!