Monday, August 22, 2011

Do you see it?? (Milestone for Declan)



Yes. Declan has graduated from highchair to real chair. He has been able to climb into it when the tray is off so we had been just keeping the tray on. Until the other day I was standing at the stove cooking dinner and asked him if he was hungry. Big mistake. He ran over and climbed into the highchair on his own. Holy heart attack batman. I couldn't scream at him to sit and I couldn't RUN to him as I knew it would have startled him...surely sending him falling to the floor. I secured him in with the seatbelt (which he can undo...) and sighed. My baby is too big for his highchair. He ate breakfast with his big brothers the next morning at the kitchen table.

I told the boys to look at me and "Give me cheese!"...Garrett gave me cream cheese. lol

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