Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maggie's Rainbow Cake

I'm staying up late soaking all the electricity I can so I don't feel deprived when Irene takes it away from me tomorrow...and stumbled across this blog post thanks to facebook (how else does anyone find out anything without facebook!!).

Ack! I feel so bad for her...all that work...such a mess. :-(

I realized I never blogged about the rainbow cake I made for my Niece Maggie's 1st Birthday Party. I didn't have a camera at the time so I had to use my stupid phone (no smart phones here) to limp along and the other photos are courtesy of my dad.

I will start by saying I'm very thankful to have a bit of cake decorating experience (I worked in a local grocery store bakery forever ago...nothing fancy) under my belt.

I used two boxes of white cake, made two batches of real buttercream frosting and a third batch of shortening/sugar frosting for the pink decor. I split the two batters into 6 bowls and added Wilton's food gel colors to each. Just a bit, a little gel goes a looong ways. I had no idea where my cake pans were (we moved earlier this year...I'm still lost) so I bought a 2pk at walmart. I should have bought more. That would have really sped up the process.

Progress photos (stupid phone pics)


All decorated, this cake was HUGE. Way too big for a 1yo...



0807111421 (1)



I used the left over batter to make funky cupcakes.

And now I want to bake another one so I can take pics of it.
I wonder how it would look with chocolate frosting...

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