Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School

Today was the first day of school for three of our Riley boys. They were various degrees of nervous...but they all came home with smiles. Upon asking how their first day was I got from Logan "Boring.", from Billy "Awesome!!!", and from Ben "Good.".

Of course it was cold and rainy (only because we bought short sleeve shirts this year) so we had to take photos inside. I wasn't sure if I should have used flash or if I had enough light...should have used a flash.

Bags are packed.

Boys are ready (nervous/confused/excited..huge range of emotions going on there)

Logan, 7th grade

Billy, 3rd grade

Ben, Kindergarten

And a couple more Ben pics...he loves to model.


The beautiful yellow bus. :)

And we were down to two. TWO children. What a difference having three less people around makes (good and bad).

So excited for my guys and the new year ahead of them. Friends to be made, new experiences to enjoy, an exciting year for all three of them.

I have lots of fun planned for Garrett too. Declan still naps so I'm going to do some fun play with him then. I bought new playdoh for tomorrow...can't wait to play and enjoy some one on one time with him. :)

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