Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truthful Thursday: The Living Room

The Truth: Our living room is never clean.

If you are here and it is clean it's because either:
1) We knew you were coming!! :-)
2) "Mom's in one of those moods."

Otherwise it always looks like this. It can be worse, or a little neater but this is usually how we "live" in the Living Room. 


I spy:
Sofa Pillows
Toys Everywhere
Random Laundry
Bins from the boys rooms. 
A naked doll. 
Tray to an old stroller. 
"Stuff that has been taken away for misuse" on top of the entertainment cabinet.
Entertainment cabinet in total disarray.

Ugh...can't believe I'm going to push "Publish Post"...big girl panties on...

1 comment:

tinkerplinkmama said...

My living room is always the same. Sigh. I totally understand.