Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knitting Update 2/21/12 (current/newest projects)

I'm currently working on a romper for Declan, a pair of shorties for a charity auction winner, and I recently finished two pair of longies for Declan.

I need to cast on a few items for work.

Declan's romper I'm sort of winging too. I followed the Euclid Cardigan pattern for the top as I know that "math" fits him perfectly. I'm going to add a few sts and join in the round just before I start the gusset.

The yarn, I suggested this idea for a custom colorway in a coop. I have two skeins of it on another base too. :)

The start

Where I'm at right now

The shorties for a charity auction winner

And Declan's newest longies







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