Sunday, March 18, 2012

Knitting Update 3/18/12

This week, I finished Declan's romper. Which means I didn't get anything done to sell.

But seeing Declan in his romper makes my heart sing.

He came in from playing outside (in the MUD!!) and I gave him a quick wash down with some baby wipes and tossed it on him. I love it. I think he loves it. I see a few more of these in our future.

Since it's short sleeved and short legged it didn't take nearly as much yarn as I assumed it would. I have not weighed it yet, but my guess is (from looking at the scraps) that it took 6.5oz of colorway and 2oz of trim. I went up a needle size from what I usually knit mountain meadow worsted with and I think that helped me get more mileage. He wears a 3T in store bought clothing, I believe the romper is closer to a 4T as it also fits Garrett (and Ben!).

I did not wash or block it before taking photos and putting it on the yarn is still puffy and nothing lays flat/straight...but here are the final pics...






What most photos of Declan actually look like:

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cdanielshafer said...

That is wonderful! Did you use a pattern, or is this from your head, lol! I also liked the "this is what pictures of him normally look like" shot.... Too true!