Saturday, June 2, 2012

Maine Fiber Frolic 2012

This is the second year we attended the Maine Fiber Frolic. I have left both times feeling inspired and re-energized. It was cool and damp this year so the boys didn't seem to have as much fun but the animals were a huge hit.

We watched Border Collie dogs heard sheep and goats around a field. The dogs were amazing, I could have watched them all day.








This sheep "Baaaaaa'd" loudly in Declan's face scaring the crap out of him. Poor kid was pouring crocodile tears and shaking for a few minutes afterwards. Maybe the sheep got know....when he noticed Declan was also wearing wool. :)

My mom holding an adorable angora bunny.

The beautiful skein of yarn my mother bought me. It's a gorgeous deep red which will be one of these someday: Zuzu's Petals

Maybe next year I'll have it together enough to be a vendor.

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glongley said...

I do hope you make your dream come ture to be there with a table full of your beautiful work. I would love to help in anyway I can. Your Mom With love