Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Fuss Apple Pie

I don't know what was better, how this dessert tasted...or the smell of my house while it was baking. Both were amazing. The boys ate theirs in seconds. After they licked their plates they begged for more. Puff pasty is one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world I may be biased.

Link to recipe:
Link to topping recipe:

My notes: I omitted the egg wash as Declan is allergic to egg whites. I still wanted something sweet on top so I used a butter/sugar/cinnamon topping from another recipe, and doubled it. I dumped it on this time and the extra burnt on a bit around the "pie", I'll probably just brush it carefully on next time. We're on a "no high fructose corn syrup" kick so we used Premium Apple Pie filling which had nothing but apples, sugar and spices in it. A scoop of vanilla ice cream would have worked with it nicely.

Not the most beautiful dessert ever, but it got 5 thumbs up from the boys = WIN



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