Friday, May 18, 2012

Riley Family Update

A little update, we've been busy with life and all the things that keep our household running (cleaning/laundry/working/school) and I've been working quite a bit.

Ben turned 6 years old on May 10th. I know it's said much too often but time really does fly. It really seems like just a year or two we brought him home from the hospital. That tiny baby who screamed and screamed and threw up constantly.

He's come a long way in the past six years. Today he's a thriving little boy who has an incredibly giving heart and is hands down the most agile child I've ever seen. He's learning to read and loves to draw. A few pieces of blank paper and a pen will keep him busy for hours. He's an amazing artist and has nearly perfect handwriting.

Opening a few gifts on the morning of his birthday: 011

We had a cookout and cake and ice cream for him on the Saturday following his real birthday:




Being the event photographer and hostess does not work well.
So there are only a few photos...but the food was good.

In other news...we moved Declan to a "big boy bed" at the end of April.

I've been working on my cooking skills. That's a whole 'nother blog post though. :) Oh!! AND there'll be a post about knitting, flowers, and chickens too.

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