Friday, May 18, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls, Baked Beans, & Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes,

I've been busy learning how to cook. I mean really cook. Dishes from scratch with no pre-made crap that contains a million ingredients. I'm fairly certain MSG is causing me to have horrific migraines so I'm slowly purging all boxed crap from our lives/pantry.

Cinnamon Rolls 
Ben's requested birthday breakfast. 
My modifications: I doubled the amount of "cinnamon filling" and also doubled the amount of "vanilla glaze" and they were perfection. I don't like dry cinnamon rolls...the gooey stick to your fingers kind is what I was going for and got.

I did not get a finished photo of these...only because they were gone so quickly. Like the second the frosting hit them the boys devoured them.

Baked Beans
I've made them in the crockpot and although they are okay that way...they take forever to make. This recipe was much faster and tasted delicious. My molasses were a bit strong as we used blackstrap molasses but otherwise they came out perfect. 
Link to recipie:
Modifications: I had to triple the recipe because I soaked our beans before reading that I only needed 2 cups of them. I obmitted the bacon and added a little extra onion. Since I took out the bacon I added a splash of olive oil to make up for the loss of fat/grease. As they cooked I added water as I prefer runny beans.



Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Link to recipe:
Modifications: I ran our of mozarella so we added about 1/2lb, Shaun doesn't like olives at all so I only halved them so they would be easy for him to pick out. We are going to make this again but I'd probably double the dressing next time. I loved the flavor and wanted more (I actually added a splash of Kraft Zesty Italian to mine...Shaun didn't). Oh and we used Wacky Mac instead of real fusilli.


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