Thursday, June 23, 2011

A fun find.

Just when I think I (and my blog) am totally invisible..I find this:

So flattered that so many people "pinned" that picture of Deckie. It feels like just last week I was knitting like crazy trying to finish the cocoon before he was too old (not bendy enough) to use it. It is definitely one of my keepsake items that I hope to snuggle a grandchild in someday. <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garrett vs. Spaghetti

This boy wears so much food I wonder how much he actually ingests.
And check out that's nearly healed from his match with the walkway.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Homeschooling :: Day 1

We're summer homeschooling! Today was the first day and it went smoothly.
Logan (going into 7th this fall) was given the task of studying one of the fiber animals we saw at the fiber frolic and writing a one page typed paper about it.
Billy (going into 3rd this fall) was given a short story to read, Little Red Ridinghood. Then he did 20 subtraction flash cards as a refresher and a full page of handwriting which included 6 math problems.
Ben (going into Kindergarten) wrote three things about his dad which I wrote down and he copied the illustrated. He's doing his reading at bedtime.
Garrett (3yo) illustrated one of the pages we used to write things about Dad on. He used many colors.
Declan (1yo) took a nap.

Tomorrow Logan uses the information he found today to make a rough draft of his paper, Billy, Ben & Garrett will do exactly what they did today but tomorrow we're using Sand as a theme.

Dizzy Declan

Declan discovered how to make himself dizzy yesterday. Which resulted in a nice black eye after he fell on the coffee table using his face to take the impact. :-(

Father's Day

We are so blessed to have several great Fathers in our family. It's days like Father's Day that we remind those fathers of how important they are to our families and make sure they know they are appreciated (even if they are ALWAYS forgetting to take out the trash, never clean up after making a sandwich, leave their pagers/radios on all night...).

Shaun and our oldest "baby" Logan

Shaun and our youngest baby Declan

My father and Declan

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Carousel

We stopped in to the Maine Mall for lunch and a quick walk around to waste time. Ben and Garrett spotted the carousel and had to ride. Thankfully there was a Game Stop right behind the carousel so Logan and Billy had fun too.




This carousel was gorgeous, the lights on it were mesmerising and the horses were stunning. The next time we go I'm totally volunteering to take the kids on it....

Original Pic:

Playing in Picnik:


Original photo's the Picnik "60's" version:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook: All you need is love.

Yep, I officially have a Facebook page dedicated to my blog. Come on over and like me!!

Knitting Update 6/16/11

I'm taking the entire summer off to knit for my children. I'm loving it so far!

I finally got to finish up Billy's tunic:

I cast on a second tunic from the same pattern but two sizes smaller:



I dyed some wool and cast on a soaker for Declan.
It's almost done now, just needs a second cuff and a drawstring:

And I'm plugging away on a mystery shawl KAL my mom and I joined. It's my first real lace project so it's slow going. I do love how it's turning out though. I also dyed this yarn:


Up next:
Declan's winter longie stash and a sweater for Ben.

Billy's Hooded Tunic

I knit this for my 8yo son Billy. He requested a "sweatshirt" sweater. We looked at several patterns and decided this was the style he wanted. Once it was done he said it needs a pocket so I need to add that at some point. I also will add long sleeves to it this fall but left it with short sleeves so he can wear it as a beach cover up for now.

Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage (worsted superwash merino) in "Shoreline"
Ravelry Project Details:


his modeling pose (one of many...)




June House Update

The tucks arrived last week and we finally have a real driveway and someday the green stuff will be grass. The boys sandbox is gone, a little bittersweet for them and me...







Garrett vs. Walkway

The walkway a face-slide...

Retelling me the story of how he got hurt (rode a ride on toy down the walkway after his mother told him it wasn't a good idea...)