Friday, June 15, 2012

Kettle Dyed :: Silver Lilac, Turquoise Brown, Light Turquoise Silver Brown

OOAK kettle dyed colorways on Kona Worsted Superwash yarn. I can repeat them but not exactly as I layered the colors at will. They are not hand painted colorways, they are intricate layers of colors which results in two skeins never being exactly the same.

I'm using the Silver Lilac to knit Maggie a sweater. The Turquoise Brown will be something for Declan or Garrett, and the Light Turquoise Silver Brown will be going in my Etsy shop once I get it re-skeined.

Kettle Dyed - Kona Worsted 068 058 060

Colorway :: Petunia

Petunia :: Purple, lilac, yellow/green, light turquoise, and coral pink.

Petunia on Aran BFL
Petunia on Aran BFL

Petunia on Aran BFL

Petunia on Aran BFL

Monday, June 11, 2012

A color filled Monday.

I dyed 2.5 pounds of wool today. A few skeins of Aran BFL, and every last bit of Kona worsted superwash I had.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Knitting Update: 6/7/2012

I've been knitting non-stop since my last knitting update. All my project notes can be found in my ravelry project page/profile:

I dyed the blue semi-solid yarn for these, the colorway is "Woodland in Spring" by Mosaic Moon. They are for a re-peat customer.



I knit these small/medium shorties and put them in my Etsy shop earlier this week. 010

A scrappy cardigan on 3ply merino, all dyed by Mosaic Moon. Buttons are from Tessa Ann:

This little top/dress was done on Organic Gaia Aran which was dyed by Mosaic Moon in their "New Beginnings" colorway with matching trims:

a028 a027

I knit a soaker from the same yarn to match it: 013

The set would make an beautiful "take home" set for a newborn baby girl. 029

Rainbow soakers in sizes Medium, Small, and Newborn: rainbowsoakers

A soaker knit in my own "Beach Boy" colorway: 004edit

On the needles right now I have...
This newborn sized sweater that's done on fingering weight yarn that I dyed in a line green semi-solid.
I have to buy a needle before I can finish it (magic loop the arms):


A medium/large'sih shorties that will be up on Etsy later this week:

I'm casting on a pair of longies for Declan next.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Maine Fiber Frolic 2012

This is the second year we attended the Maine Fiber Frolic. I have left both times feeling inspired and re-energized. It was cool and damp this year so the boys didn't seem to have as much fun but the animals were a huge hit.

We watched Border Collie dogs heard sheep and goats around a field. The dogs were amazing, I could have watched them all day.








This sheep "Baaaaaa'd" loudly in Declan's face scaring the crap out of him. Poor kid was pouring crocodile tears and shaking for a few minutes afterwards. Maybe the sheep got know....when he noticed Declan was also wearing wool. :)

My mom holding an adorable angora bunny.

The beautiful skein of yarn my mother bought me. It's a gorgeous deep red which will be one of these someday: Zuzu's Petals

Maybe next year I'll have it together enough to be a vendor.