Sunday, March 27, 2011

House Update 3/27

We painted the master bedroom and bathroom today. There is still a lot of touch up work to do but the colors really make the rooms look so much better. When we opened the paint cans I was really nervous, but now that the paint is dry it is the perfect match to our bedding. The brown in the bathroom was on the same color card and looks great with the flooring in there.




Monday, March 21, 2011

Fluffymail Diapers Rave

My love of Fluffymail diapers started three years ago (Holy sheep!! I thought it was two years ago...thanks etsy for keeping record of my purchases...I think.). Since then I've bought a few new and several used to use on our three cloth diapered babes.

Back to why I feel compelled to rave....they fit. They fit my super skinny Ben like a dream. They fit my small but stout Garrett perfectly. And now they fit my super chunky Declan like no other diaper does, with room to grow even!! No blow outs, no plummer's crack, no funky soakers to fold...what's not to love?!

Here's Declan in one of his gorgeous well fitting diapers

and in another

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New House Pics (peeks really)

Our favorite room, the kitchen
(pendants on)

(and off)

the empty living room with new sofa

master bedroom (still needs to be painted today...a month after moving in)

and the gorgeous master bedroom light fixture that Shaun hates and I absolutely adore


Declan's nursery

Ben and Garrett's room


a peek into a messy bachelor pad (Logan and Billy's room)

and a glimpse in the boys/guest bath

I'll be sure to bore ya'll with pics as we go. Shaun has promised me we'll paint the masterbed/bathroom next weekend. I can't wait to see what wall color does for those rooms.

We've moved!!

We are nearly all moved (okay...there are a few more boxes at the old house but we hope to be totally out by Tuesday) and are settled into our new home. Living in the country is wonderful. I can't believe I ever used to daydream about moving away from here. Mud and all we are loving our new rural roots.

I have to mention too it's been rather hard moving with so many children. The amount of stuff to be moved is crazy as is the time spent apart. Shaun has had to do a lot of the moving solo or with the help of my father (Thanks Dad!!) as I don't have a clone and someone has to be here with the children.

My inlaws helped Shaun paint the house the first weekend we had the keys. We are so lucky to have had their help or else this place would still be the color of primer. Thank you Nancy and Paul.

I'll start a new post with a few pics in a bit...a cute 1yo is calling "Maaa Maaa" from his crib.