Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How much bad luck can you have?

Because I think we are nearing the limit....and might be headed for some good luck soon! WOOHOO!!!

In the last 24hrs...

1. Yarmouth messed up the payroll so Shaun's check was delayed by a day. No big deal except I needed to grocery shop yesterday...while he was off and able to help me. Now I get to do it alone. Well of course I won't be alone...I'll have a 5yo, 22 month old, and 2 month old with me.

2. The brakes lines on Shaun's car are gone. So the car now needs more work than it's worth. We're down to one car indefinitely. Of course that also wouldn't be a huge deal...but with gas prices and him traveling to S.Portland 2-3 x's a week that makes our fuel expenses triple.

3. I woke up this morning to find that we have brown water dripping down through our kitchen cabinets....all over the clean dishes...and into the sink. *gag*

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