Monday, November 9, 2009

It's time to start blogging again.

I lost the habit of blogging and didn't miss it until I recently clicked the link to it by accident in my favorites list and realized how much I missed going back and reading about what we had done.


Well I guess the biggest thing to update is that we are going to be having another family member very soon! I'm 30wks 6 days pregnant with a little boy. The pregnancy was a shock as we had talked about having "just one more..." but had decided to wait until Ben was in Kindergarten. Apparently our timeline wasn't what someone else had in mind. So Declan Finn Riley will be joining our family on or around January 12th, 2010.

The boys are doing fantastic. Billy and Logan are thriving at Woolwich Central School and we got glowing reviews of how their year is going at their recent parent teacher conferences. Of course we know they are brilliant and well behaved but to hear it from others is extra special.

Ben and Garrett are doing well too. Both are still into everything and high energy little guys. We've had to put poison control on speed dial thanks to Ben. First it was a bottle of Tums...then a bottle of chewable Tylenol. Apparently childproof does not mean Ben proof. Both resulted in a bit of diarrhea but otherwise he is fine. (Thank God!!). Garrett is growing so big and really starting to talk a lot more now that he's almost two. We just had his sweet baby curls cut off last week and I miss them dearly but love his new big boy look. He reminds me so much of Billy at this age.

Shaun...well nothing has changed there. Still a great daddy and hubby...and still working his butt off.

Me...I'm still a stay at home mom. Laurel Love Boutique is still going but I am stocking more knitting these days as I am without a sewing machine. I hope to be back and running with bibs and all next Spring, after I have time to snuggle and love on our new little love.

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