Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitting - To Do List

To keep myself on track and accountable I'm going to post a weekly list of what I have ahead of me to knit. I'll post work-in-progress pics as I go and finished object pics with each weeks list.

Gaia II longies for Finn - 50% done
Something for Abbie - will be casting on later this week
Garrett's Stocking - 45% done, almost 10" long now
Jacobs Ladder Hat for Ben
Jacobs Ladder longies for Finn
Christmas/Winter longies for Garrett
Snowman longies for Finn
Extra Mittens
Levi longies for Finn
Birthday Boy soaker for Finn
Birthday Boy hat for Finn
Emerald Sheepy Sack for Finn
Yellow Purewool w/Woodland In Spring heart/drawstring for Finn
Blanket for Shaun
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett

My finished objects from this week....

Finn's Bananafish Longies

Finn's Earth Soaker

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