Sunday, November 29, 2009

Knitting Update

I got a lot of knitting done this week but not one project finished. I've become a hoarder of almost done projects. So sad. My job for this week is to finish everything that has been started before casting on anything new. This includes Garrett's stocking.

Gaia II longies for Finn - 95% done - needs a drawstring
Birthday Boy Soaker for Finn - 95% done - needs a drawstring
Something for Abbie - will be casting on later this week...haven't made it to Halcyon yet for trim yarn
Garrett's Stocking - 45% done, almost 10" long now...need to finish this up this week
Jacobs Ladder Hat for Ben - 90% done - just needs tassels
Jacobs Ladder Mittens for Ben - 50% done - one done, one to go
Jacobs Ladder longies for Finn
Christmas/Winter longies for Garrett
Snowman longies for Finn
Extra Mittens
Levi longies for Finn
Birthday Boy hat for Finn
Emerald Sheepy Sack for Finn
Yellow Purewool w/Woodland In Spring heart/drawstring for Finn
Blanket for Shaun
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett

Ben's hat and one mitten:

Finn's Birthday Boy Soaker (back)

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