Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Update - week of 2/28

What a crazy week it has been!! I swear just when I think I'm going to be able to get ahead...the power goes out for 36hrs. The week started off well with the finishing of the Surprise soaker. I was just about to wash it when I heard on the news that a wind/rain storm was in store and there would be wide spread power outages so I dove into doing the weeks laundry instead of work (thank goodness!) so it did not get washed/blocked before the power went out. After 36 cold hours of boredom it has been washed and is blocking. I cast on a soaker for Finn in the dark Friday and to my surprise it is hole free. Shaun bet it would have 4 guess was 2.

On ward to this week...I have lots of loose ends to tie up this week. With Shaun having three days off I hope to finally get a head...well just back on track so I can stock something at Bitty Fluff this Friday.

Who? Hat - done...still waiting for buttons
Surprise boyish soaker for drawing winner - done, pics to come
Guinevere Longies for Garrett - frogged
Bunny Hat - casting on after Fundraiser 1 item
Item for Fundraiser 1 - soaker
Item for Fundraiser 2 - casting on asap Giving them an instock item instead (Selah Skirty)
Woodland in Spring Soaker for Finn - 50% done
Woodland in Spring Hat for Finn
Woodland Tale Sweater for Finn
Copper Patina longies Finn
Double Chocolate Lollipop longies for Finn
Guppy Longies for Finn
Blanket for Shaun

For spring/summer....
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett
Mosaic Moon Cestari Srappy shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring shorties for Finn

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