Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knitting Update

I got lots of loose ends tied up this week such as drawstrings and washing/blockings that needed to be done. I listed two soakers and a FFS drawing at Bitty Fluff and a skirtie listed at Laurel Love.Boutique . Not sure what's next to go on the needles. I looked through my yarn stash and couldn't find trim for anything I want to knit up so I may end up at The Knitting Experience later this week for some cascade or malabrigo to use as trim.

Birthday Boay Soaker (Custom Order) - Done
Coastal Sunset Longies for Finn - 95% done...needs a drawstring, ends woven in, and a good washing/blocking
Woodland Tale longies for Finn
Woodland Tale longies for Garrett
Copper Patina longies Finn
Double Chocolate Lollipop longies for Finn
Blanket for Shaun

For spring/summer....
Dragons Lair shorties for Garrett
Rockland shorties for Garrett
Rockland shorties for Finn
Mosaic Moon Cestari Srappy shorties for Garrett
Woodland In Spring for Garrett? Finn??
Gueneviere for Garrett? Finn??

Mosaic Moon "Birthday Boy" Soaker custom order

Finn's Mosaic Moon "Coastal Sunset"
Emeral Sheepy Sack (another bad picture...thanks Ben for the finger prints on the lens. :-/ )

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