Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ben's EEG...and the ride there.

First off the important info...
Ben was a trooper this morning and we think the EEG went well, we haven't heard yet (which I'm hoping means good news!).


We tried to get him a special toy from Toys 'R Us on the way home but it didn't open until 10am and it was only 9:30 when we were there. So we headed to Target and he picked out a really loud K9 Police truck toy that plays music and drives his mother insane already. He was asleep before we could get on 295 to head north. <3 20111011_8

Secondly, the ride there was INSANE.

We were pulling into Dunkin Donuts when we heard there was a truck fire on 295 South Bound (where we were headed) so to seek an alternate route. So we did. Route 1 South. And got stuck behind a cement mixer that went 10mph up every.single.hill. Ugh. Thankfully it pulled off and we sped up only to be stuck in stop and go traffic all the way through Freeport until Exit 17 where we got on 295.

Our joy was short lived, we were now about 15 mins late so Shaun called to let them know. They informed us that if we weren't there by 8:30 we'd have to take the next testing slot at 2pm. UGH. Poor Ben was exhausted...we had to remind him several times to stay awake on the way. I was pissed. So we kept going and ended up in bumper to bumper moving traffic that slowed us by another 10 minutes at least.

We had about 5 minutes to get there and were sooo close. We planned on Shaun jumping out and running in and I'd bring up Ben/the bags after we parked. I got in the lane for our exit and was slowing down when Shaun said "It's the next one, don't get off here!!" so I pulled back onto the highway and we missed our exit.

So close...yet so far away. There was no way we could get off and back on and make it to where we needed to be.

Now I was REALLY pissed. We were now headed straight for a toll booth to get on the Turnpike. I pulled an illegal U turn right before the toll booth and got off at the next exit. We had no idea where we even were.

The exit came to a fork in the road...I took a left figuring it would hopefully get us somewhere near where we could get on 295 to go home. We were bitching at each other so I floored it (empty straight away) and we came upon a Walmart/Lowes sign. The building we needed to be at was right.next.door. We had 2 mins to spare, only 28mins late so they did his test as scheduled. What are the chances?!?!

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