Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Four years (and four days, oops!!) ago I started this blog. My reasons were pretty simple and are still why I keep the blog going.
I'm starting this blog to:
1. Keep everyone updated on what the boys (including my hubby Shaun) and I are up to.
2. Tell about my life as a mom of all boys.
3. To track my transition from SAHM to WAHM Show off my WAHM wares.
4. Advocate for Cloth Diapers and Wool.
5. Ramble on about whatever the heck I want to.

In the last four years I/We've:
Had a baby boy (Garrett).
And another baby boy (Declan).
Lost a few (Ernie, Moose, Spidey, Umi Friend) pets.
Gained a few (Currently: Bruin, Brady) pets.
Gave our dog away.
Built a new home.
Bought a new van.
Battled Postpartum Depression/PTSD for the first time.
Battled Postpartum Depression for a second time.
Had a very unwanted c-section.
Had a VBAC.
Flew to Texas.
Flew to Florida.
Ate at Sonic.
Learned about food allergies.
Learned more about ADHD.
Learned I am stronger then I think I am.
Learned it's okay to need a little help.
Learned that depression isn't a choice or something that can be fixed by "being happy".
and my newest thing to check off...Became a Vegetarian.

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