Friday, October 28, 2011

A Partridge Problem


This bird has my small boys paralyzed with fear. Today I experienced why.

Garrett and I walked down to the bus stop to get Ben and Billy off the bus and were attacked by it.

Logan was attacked first by the "Baby Turkey". We laughed it off when we saw it to take pictures of a few days later and realized it was a partridge. It has since picked on Shaun, Garrett, Ben, and our van. Oh attacks our HUGE 12 passenger van.

Knowing all that...I'm not sure why but I was in total shock when it started attacking Garrett and I today. We were walking by minding out own business when it charged at Garrett. He freaked out screaming so I was trying to reassure him that the bird wasn't going to hurt us when it came charging at me. I grabbed a tree limb to shoo it away and angered it even more so it came at my head. You probably had to be there but for a mental picture..imagine me waving a flimsy pine branch at this bird that was relentlessly charging at me with a screaming and crying 3yo gripping at my other hand. Apparently it was hilarious (according to Abbie who watched this unfold from the safety of her living room).

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