Monday, October 22, 2007

Business Update

My diaper business is tentatively named "Honey Bums". I'm not sure I loooove it and I'm having a hard time coming up with a logo, so I'm taking suggestions. My other thought was "Laurel Designs" but there are a LOT of Laurel Designs already out there. *sigh* One other idea I had was to use the boys initials "LBB/Little Boy Blue" but I think it's too similar to another popular diaper out there, the Elbee.

In the mail was a yard of PUL that I got off's fsot section.

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I'm going to make Ben and Garrett all-in-one's (with detachable soakers) out of it. I'm only going to be selling fitteds to begin with and will branch out into the all-in-one business once my fitteds get tested.

We are waiting on:
Snap press, dies, snaps, and hemp fleece
Elastic (shipped 10/22)

Kumkuat Fabric

My parents surprised us with an anniversary gift on Saturday. A printer/copier/scanner!! Something that we really needed. It is my new baby...I'm been hunting the house all morning looking for pictures and stuff to scan. I'm so excited to be able to get Logan's baby pictures into a digital format so I can work with them in my Paint Shop Pro program. Of course printing shipping labels from will hopefully be taking up most of my ink.

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