Monday, October 29, 2007

The second flake has fallen!

I finished another diaper tonight. This one has a fuller bottom and crotch area. I messed up the sewing part on one of the wings, but other than that it looks pretty darn good. Wish I could post some pics of it.

The soaker is beautiful! I put the outer print of the diaper on the back of the soaker so it matches. LOL I also added another layer of hemp fleece to the body of the diaper so there is well over a 1/2 a yard of hemp in this one diaper. The front side of the soaker (part that touches the baby) is topped with yummy bamboo velour.

I put one of the snaps on backwards so Shaun had to assist me in removing it. Between one of the wings not getting sewn well, the backwards snap, and my camera issues I'm feeling a little stressed so hopefully tomorrow will go smoother.

I have one more tester diaper to do for Ben and then I'll start taking my real tester diaper orders. I was thinking of making the rise longer but with the fuller coverage backside I don't think it's needed. I can't wait to get our newest diaper on Ben's cute little hiney.

Editing to add pictures....

The second flake - A Charlie Brown diaper
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