Monday, October 29, 2007


My camera won't download pictures with the printer software loaded in. So I tried taking my memory card out and plugging it into the front of the computer tower...since there's a card reader right there. I put the card in and a green light comes on saying the card is there....but the computer doesn't recognize the card actually IS there and keeps giving me an error message saying that I need to put a card into the slot before it can read it. *slaps forehead*

So tonight I tried to get the pictures of the diaper I just finished to download, didn't work. I put batteries in Billy's camera to see if I can take pics with that and download them....but all the batteries I have are dead. Well except for the two in MY camera but Billy's takes 4. *slaps forehead again*

Now I just figured I'd put the memory card back into my camera to see if I can get it downloaded onto a photo disk at CVS tomorrow....and now my camera will no longer read the memory card and says there is a "memory card error". AHHHHHHH!!!

The pictures I took better still be on that card. My Halloween gift exchange pics are waiting to be downloaded as are several pics of the boys. I'm going to cry if they're gone and the memory card is no longer usable. One step forward....two steps back.

A list of the electronics NOT working at our house:
* Boys dvd/vcr
* Living room dvd/vcr
* Boy's tv and vcr remotes
* Billy's camera (hopefully JUST needs batteries)
* My new camera (won't work if we keep the printer plugged in and software installed)
* 2 other digital cameras that I have boxed up and put away. One lasted almost 4 years (I think that's a record as far as digital cameras are concerned) and the other one whole year.
* The washing machine is not spinning well.
* The one light in our bedroom will no longer turn on.

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