Sunday, October 28, 2007

Business Update

I'm cutting and sewing today! I have 3 soakers cut out and waiting to be pinned and sewn. I'm going to finish cutting out the diaper bodies before I do that though so I can figure out how I want to snap them. I hope I get quicker at this. By this pace....3 diapers are going to take me 3 days. My goal is to have 3 finished and pics uploaded by Tuesday evening so I can start taking testing orders. I have a short list from Ben's Born In May 06 board. That should give me a few mediums and larges tested. I may need to hit the board to get some smalls tested.

I'm also working on a new logo and have a new name. I plan to announce it with my previews so it's a secret for now.

It starts with an "S" and ends with "nowflakes".

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