Saturday, October 27, 2007

Business Update

It's HERE!!

I opened the front door to put a small package in the mailbox, for the mailman to pick up and sitting on my front porch was the SNAP PRESS box. It arrived a bit damaged, but is still workable so it's not worth complaining about imo. Just a bit of missing paint and a bit of rust. I bet you'd be rusty too if you had to take a ride from Kansas to Maine with your bum exposed.

The hemp fabric is perfect and the snaps are all there! Now I just have to figure out how to use it..and keep Ben from teething on it. It was made in China after all. ;-)

I'd post a pic.....but it's so heavy it would break the scanner for sure. Shaun's off tomorrow so I plan on having him help me pull the tower out unplug the printer and re-install the camera software so see if the printer software kicked it out. The Canon website said it's who knows.

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